The world leader in vessel propulsion and control.


Leading the way

Seattle based HamiltonJet Inc, a subsidiary of CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd, of New Zealand is a major supplier of waterjet propulsion, but also sell marine hydraulic steering gear, acoustical products and other types of marine equipment in North America.

Why HamiltonJet?

Today’s HamiltonJet offers many advantages over competing drive systems:

• Reliability, fewer moving parts with most major components inboard and out of harms way

• Maneuverability, Split duct reverse bucket & JT nozzle combine for excellent maneuverability

• Speed, optimized for speeds from 25-45 knots

• Efficiency, meets or exceeds the best prop designs at speed of 30 knots or better

• Shallow water operation, the ability to go where props simply can’t

• Factory offices supporting distributors and dealers are located all over the world