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HamiltonJet Design Series

HamiltonJet offers three waterjet series. The HJ, HM and HT. The HJ series starts with the HJ212 and ends with the HJ403. The HM series consists of the HM422 through the HM811 and the HT series currently constitutes even larger jets.  Together they are capable of handling a range of power inputs from relatively small V8 gasoline and diesel engines right through large diesel engines in about 6500 hp range.

• HJ 210 mm through 410mm

• HM 420mm through 810mm

• HT Currently to 1000mm

Scope of Supply

Unlike some manufacturers, HamiltonJet provides complete integrated packages. This includes transition duct, complete jet pump and controls for the jet. Where Hamilton electronic controls are used, the package also includes the controls for gearshift and engine throttle.

Application Engineering

Each HamiltonJet propulsion system comes with a pedigree of over 40,000 units installed around the world. This wealth of experience is available for all new projects. HamiltonJet will work with designers, builders and operators from the conceptual design stage to final commissioning where applicable.

Installation and After-Sale Support

Services offered include, installation instructions, commissioning assistance and training programs. Hamilton's worldwide network of company offices and distributors support each and every installation.